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Running Economy

June 18 2020 | Running & Exercise,Active Feet,Footwear

Runners with good running economy use less energy and therefore less oxygen. Townsville Podiatrist and Running Coach Chris Weber shares some tips below on how to improve your running economy - however it is important to note that when attempting to modify your running technique there will be an initial increase in the amount of energy consumed (reduced running economy). | ...

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Why do my shins hurt when I run?

February 27 2018 | Lower Limb Complaints,Running & Exercise,Footwear

This is a common complaint seen in my Townsville Podiatry clinic. Shin pain can be very frustrating, especially when you are just getting into an exercise regime. There are many causes of shin pain, b ...

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How you STAND - is how you WALK - is how you RUN!

June 2 2017 | Footwear,Running & Exercise,Active Feet

I often get asked the following questions in my Townsville Podiatry clinic: How do I run faster? Should I be running on my forefoot or my heels? What is the best running shoe for me? | ...

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What causes Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)???

May 26 2017 | Heel Pain,Lower Limb Complaints,Active Feet,Footwear

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. Heel pain is most common in the 40 – 60 year age group. It is so prevalent that ~80% of adults will suffer a bout of heel pain over the course of their adult life-time. | ...

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How to choose the correct training footwear

January 31 2017 | Footwear,Running & Exercise

Shoes, shoes, shoes. They can be the cause of your injury, or help you avoid or overcome an injury. With so many different shoe types (and colours) on the market, how does one choose the correct footwear for their foot-type and activity? | ...

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My mum has bunions, does that mean I will also get them?

January 10 2017 | Lower Limb Complaints,Footwear

Bunions occur more commonly in females than males and sometimes do run in families. We are at the mercy of our genes, so the same forces that caused your mother or father’s bunions are possibly at work for you too. | ...

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How often should I replace my runners?

January 10 2017 | Footwear,Running & Exercise

Most runners wait far too long before replacing their runners and risk overuse injuries as a result. Generally running shoes should last between 600 and 1000 kilometres, although this depends on your body weight, how often and far you run, the terrain you run on and your running style. | ...

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Custom Foot Supports (Orthotics) VERSUS the Chemist jobs

January 10 2017 | Footwear,Lower Limb Complaints

I’ve been told I need Orthotics – will the ones from the chemist do the trick?? Generally, no. Off-the-shelf or non-customised orthotics from the chemist are made for a 'normal' foot type. | ...

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