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Foot Mobilisation

Foot Mobilisation is a manual therapy specifically developed to improve the function of your feet and lower limb.

Following a thorough musculoskeletal screening our Podiatrist’s can identify whether the joints in your feet and lower limb are functioning as they should be.

“Remember your feet are the SPRINGS for your body. Think mobile adaptor – rigid lever, mobile adaptor – rigid lever. Therefore the cushioning foot should be soft and flexible and the propulsive foot should be strong and powerful.”

Largely due to our modern footwear our feet have become stiff, rigid and weak and therefore no longer act as efficient springs for our bodies. Often the location of pain is not where the stiff joints are – for example you may be getting midfoot pain due to a stiff ankle joint. Returning the foot to the mobile adaptor that it was designed to be is a must if you want to truly fix your foot pain.

How does Foot Mobilisation work?

Foot mobilisation works by targeting stiff, mal-aligned or dysfunctional joints and aims to gradually restore the way they work and consequently improve the function of your lower limb. This is achieved through gentle ‘hands-on’ mobilisation in conjunction with some home-work (of course). Mobility, stretching and the use of toe separators etc. may need to be implemented by you at home to achieve the best results.

Depending on your individual situation, other treatments such as Western Medical Acupuncture, laser therapy, massage, footwear education etc may also be required to restore optimal function of your feet and lower limb.

Once the mobility in your feet and lower limb has been restored, it’s time to focus on repairing your proprioception (message pathway from our feet to our brain) and then start building some strength. This is where our ACTIVE FOOT FORMULA may be of great benefit to you!

You will gain life-long benefit from learning how to recapture the mobility, proprioception and strength of the amazing structures we often neglect - our feet!

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