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'Your feet are the FOUNDATION for your posture'

  • Heel pain when you get out of bed in the morning?
  • Can’t be bothered walking the Strand because you have pain in your feet from working all day?
  • Shin splints when running up Castle Hill?
  • Knee pain stopping you from going on that overseas adventure?

You are not alone! Foot pain, ankle pain and lower limb pain is quite common and when left untreated can contribute to broader issues such as inability to exercise, weight-gain, feeling over-tired and unhappy, as well as other medical problems.

Remember:    Active FEET  >  Active BODY  >  Active LIFE


*PLEASE NOTE - WE DO NOT PROVIDE GENERAL PODIATRY TREATMENT (nail, corn, callous, ingrown toenail, plantar wart, diabetic foot checks). Foundation Podiatry is a Biomechanical / Musculoskeletal pain and injury clinic. 


Adult's Conditions

Solely providing Biomechanical/ Musculoskeletal Podiatry, our Podiatrists deal with foot, ankle and lower limb pain and injury with every patient, every day. Heel pain is the most common condition we treat, closely followed by achilles tendinopathy. We understand the intricacies of forefoot pain, effectively treat midfoot arthritis and ankle pain, but also shin splints, calf pain, knee, hip and postural issues. Most importantly our experienced Podiatrists understand the psycho-social impact pain can have on your general wellbeing.

Children's Conditions

If required, early Podiatry treatment can improve children’s strength and coordination and reduce the likelihood of foot and lower limb problems occurring in adulthood. Heel pain in children is a common condition we love treating. Also addressing issues with walking such as tip-toe walking, pigeon toe gait or frequent tripping and clumsiness. Here at Foundation Podiatry, we take pride in the results seen with appropriate intervention at the right time leading to healthy results for children later in life.

Tired of sore feet?

Do you or someone you know suffer from constant pain in feet? Our foot specialist, Hayley Paterson, can help find the cause of your problem and create an individualised approach for you. Contact us today for more information about common foot problems. At Foundation Podiatry, we don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach as this often fails. We tailor our treatments specifically for the individual to ensure the best result. If you have a sore foot or find yourself constantly complaining about pain in feet, contact us today. We would love the have the opportunity to help you return to an active, healthy lifestyle!