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Heel Pain? There may be more involved than just the Plantar Fascia

19th May 2023

Heel Pain? There may be more involved than just the Plantar Fascia

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain and also the most common condition presenting to our Townsville Podiatry clinic.

With that being said, heel pain can be quite a complex condition that needs to be correctly diagnosed and treated specific to each person. Learn more about heel pain here.

A more recent and appropriate term for heel pain is Plantar Heel Pain - pertaining to pain on the bottom of the heel. So this will often involve injury to the plantar fascia in either an inflammatory process (plantar fasciitis) or a degenerative process (plantar fasciosis). The plantar fat pad may become bruised, the plantar calcaneal bursae may be inflamed and irritated. A plantar spur may be contributing to symptoms. The calcaneus (heel bone) may have bone oedema. The posterior tibial nerve may be compressed (Tarsal tunnel syndrome) or a branch of the medial calcaneal nerve may be compressed (Baxter's neuropathy) both of which can refer pain into the heel. The plantar fascia may not even be involved. Often the longer the heel has been sore, more of the above issues come into play.

Our experienced Podiatrists can refer for medical imaging (X-ray, Ultrasound or MRI) to assist with our diagnosis if required. Together with thorough questioning and a detailed assessment we can make an informed decision as to the most appropriate treatment plan for your heel pain.


Take positive steps towards addressing your heel pain and get back to living a healthy, active lifestyle today! 

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