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Children's Feet in Summary

Children's Feet in Summary

Podiatrists play an important role in addressing concerns with children and adolescents feet and lower limbs, their walking and running patterns and gross motor development.

Children’s feet and legs are more malleable to change when they are younger, often making treatments more effective at a younger age. If required, early Podiatry treatment can improve children’s strength and coordination and reduce the likelihood of foot and lower limb problems occurring in adulthood.

Heel pain in children is a common condition we treat. Previously called Sever’s disease, we like to call it a growth plate irritation. Treatment for children’s heel pain can be quite simple and very effective, allowing your child to remain active and happy.

Quite often parents will bring their children into our clinic concerned about their child’s ‘flat feet’. In most cases these ‘flat feet’ in children are part of normal development. Flat feet may be a concern if there is a more insidious cause such as tarsal coalition or vertical talus, or if the flat feet are associated with persistent pain, fatigue, clumsiness, awkward gait and activity avoidance.

Children’s Conditions that our Podiatrists manage:

With 19 years' experience, Hayley has enjoyed following the development of many patients from early childhood to adolescence. Here at Foundation Podiatry we take pride in the results seen with appropriate intervention at the right time leading to healthy results for children later in life. 

Come and see our Podiatrist today to have peace of mind with your child’s feet.