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Foot Supports (Orthotics)

After your Initial Biomechanical Assessment, involving a posture, balance and gait assessment, it may be indicated that Foot Supports or Orthotics would be of benefit to you.

It’s important to remember…. ‘Not everyone needs orthotics’

Foot Supports are a device placed inside your shoes to provide a certain function to your body, whether it be changing alignment to stop your foot rolling in or out, altering the force at which your foot rolls in or out, deflecting pressure away from high-pressure areas, increasing cushioning ability of the foot etc. This direct adjustment within the feet can affect the function of your ankles, knees, hips and lower back (ie. a whole body adjustment).

There is no one type of orthotic that is suited to all patients. Every human foot is different, even from left to right. Therefore if orthotics are recommended for you it is important that they are customised to your feet!

At Foundation Podiatry we make orthotics using different materials and with different treatment goals in mind, depending on your individual concern (foot-type, symptoms, body weight, occupation, exercise etc).

Most often our Podiatrist’s use a cushioned rubber material (of varying densities) to provide support and alignment change, but also shock-absorption. This material is particularly useful for the sporting person or for conditions such as heel, shin and knee pain which require more cushioning – especially in our modern lives of predominantly walking on hard, man-made surfaces all day. When more control is needed due to a heavy, forcefully collapsing foot, a more rigid device may be used.

When making customised orthotics at Foundation Podiatry we use the 3D scan of your feet and information from your dynamic assessment and then our Podiatrist’s computer-design your orthotics onsite, giving the Podiatrist greater control over the finished product. The design is then sent to an orthotic lab to be milled.

We will discuss appropriate footwear and what to expect during the ‘wear-in’ period, then review you 2-3 weeks later. Our orthotics are easy to modify if necessary and should always be very comfortable to wear.


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