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Active Foot Formula

Active Foot Formula

Our feet are AMAZING! Did you know…

  • There are 26 BONES in each foot
  • 33 JOINTS
  • 20 MUSCLES
  • And 13 MUSCLES in each leg that attach into each foot

These structures need to work as a well-oiled team to carry us for endless steps day in, day out.

Think of your feet as SPRINGS for your body. Feet are designed to firstly cushion on ground contact and then rebound off the ground during propulsion. Mobile adaptor – rigid lever. Therefore the cushioning foot should be soft and flexible and the propulsive foot should be strong and powerful.

Largely due to our modern footwear our feet have become stiff, rigid and weak and therefore no longer act as efficient springs for our bodies.

  • Do you want to run faster and further? Or skip and play with the grand-kids?
  • Are you reliant on cushioned and supportive shoes? Hate the thought of going barefoot?
  • Do you want to improve your posture and help joints further up your body?
  • Do you want to get to the true cause of your foot pain?

Over the years we have developed our ACTIVE FOOT FORMULA to help you achieve all this and more!

Our ACTIVE FOOT FORMULA involves education, exercises and empowerment to unlock the hidden potential of your feet!

Focusing on 3 main areas:

  • Mobility – firstly we need to free up the tight, gritty structures in our feet and legs. Homework will be given and foot mobilisation, western medical acupuncture etc may be necessary at the start.
  • Proprioception – this is the pathway from our feet to our brain, it gives us warning signals when we’re about to sprain our ankle as an example. This pathway becomes damaged from injury, from our reliance on clumpy modern footwear and quite simply by not using our feet as they are supposed to be used.

Mobility and Proprioception need to be restored before we can focus on the third area:

  • Strength – exercises will be given to strengthen our feet so they can once again function as powerful springs!

Remember:     Active FEET  >  Active BODY  >  Active LIFE


You will gain life-long benefits from learning how to recapture the mobility, proprioception and strength of the amazing structures we often neglect - our feet! Make an appointment with our Biomechanical Podiatrists today!

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