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Townsville Podiatrist Emma Phelps joins the Foundation Podiatry team!

3rd December 2021

Townsville Podiatrist Emma Phelps joins the Foundation Podiatry team!

Emma has been working as a Podiatrist in Townsville for the last 12 years and joined Foundation Podiatry in November 2021. Let’s get to know more about Emma!

Tell us a little about yourself

Hi all! I grew up in a rural town in NSW and have always had a strong interest and passion for sport.  I immersed myself in everything possible from running, swimming, athletics through to Netball and Touch football. I moved to Townsville fresh out of university back in 2010 to be closer to my sister and her family with the intention of staying “just a few years”. I have since fallen in love with the town, the people and the opportunities that our great city has to offer. 

I enjoy being outdoors and try and do some hiking or waterfall chasing as often as I can. I still have a passion for fitness, currently training Crossfit 5-6 times a week.

I have a 2-year-old border Collie, Echo who keeps me active and entertained. She is full of sass and absolutely loves the beach or any swimming opportunity.

What made you decide to study Podiatry?

When I was around 12-13 and heavily involved in sport, I used to get a lot of foot, knee and hip pain. I had been down multiple avenues to try and find relief and it wasn’t until I got referred to a biomechanical podiatrist that I was able to get some positive results. This was hugely influential for me as my ability to move without pain and continue my active lifestyle was so important!   So, a positive experience with the profession certainly sparked my interest in making Podiatry a career.

 Why are you excited about joining the Foundation Podiatry team?

I am so excited to be joining the Foundation Podiatry team! Hayley and her team have a reputation for excellent patient care and outcomes. I’m excited to work for a small, locally owned and operated business where we can freely collaborate and share our experience and knowledge. I’m also excited to work with some of the latest technology and therapies available to be able to provide more comprehensive patient care.

 What is the most rewarding patient outcome you’ve achieved as a Podiatrist?

I believe being able to help any patient achieve a positive outcome whether it be pain reduction, improved mobility or injury rehabilitation is one of the most rewarding experiences as a health care clinician.

I recently worked closely with a young lady with a complex medical history who suffered from multiple repeat metatarsal fractures and significant mobility restrictions that were leading to reduced capacity to work and engage in activities that she enjoyed. Using multiple therapies including strengthening, footwear modification and custom foot orthotics, I was able to get her comfortably back on her feet with no further fractures or complications.


Favourite Food?

I love Italian food. I have a good friend that makes her own pasta which is to die for!

Next holiday destination?

Firstly, I’m so excited to head down into NSW to visit some family that I haven’t been able to see in a while due to border closures.

I am also very keen to get back out and do some more international travel. I would absolutely love to get over to South America with Machu Picchu on the top of my travel list.



Ready to say goodbye to pain and regain your active lifestyle?
Emma is available Tuesday – Friday. 

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