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Who & Why

Hayley Paterson (Director / Biomechanical Podiatrist)

BHSc Pod (Hons)

Hayley graduated with Honours from QUT Brisbane in 2004, then worked in Cairns before opening her clinic in Townsville in 2007. With an extensive background of representative touch football and hockey, Hayley understands the importance of keeping people (of all ages and activity levels) on their feet and active.

Forever undertaking more courses Hayley is committed to fuelling her passion for Podiatry, in particular barefoot rehab training and Western Medical Acupuncture. Hayley works exclusively as a Biomechanical Podiatrist and her sole focus is to provide individualised, holistic care.

Outside of work, Hayley enjoys yoga, functional training, trail running, hiking, reading and exploring countries with completely different cultures.

Daina Clark (Biomechanical Podiatrist)

B Pod

Originally from Melbourne, Daina moved to Townsville for a 6 month break - that was over 13 years ago! Daina works exclusively as a Biomechanical Podiatrist and gains great satisfaction in helping people get back on their feet and keep moving.

Daina’s love of human movement, the outdoors and Magnetic Island, has also led her to develop her business Destination Adventure from grass-roots. “If you do what you love, love what you do – and have fun while you’re doing it – well it doesn’t get any better than that!”

When not working as a Biomechanical Podiatrist or coordinating Destination Adventure – you will find Daina out hiking or mountain biking the trails on Magnetic Island or catching a wave on her surf ski.


Established by Hayley in March 2007, we have evolved into a holistic, Biomechanical-only Podiatry clinic.

Our mantra:           Active FEET  >  Active BODY  >  Active LIFE

Our mission:         to assist our patients to be active so they can enjoy a healthy active lifestyle. It's that simple.

We do this by respecting that each person is different and that a ‘one size fits all’ treatment approach often fails. We are not your garden-variety Podiatry clinic – nor do we aspire to become one. Our Podiatrists Hayley and Daina love continual learning, often step outside the box and both bring very different flavours to the table.

And like you, we’re local. With over a decade of business now under our belt, we are privileged to be able to connect with and support other like-minded initiatives with a greater purpose of keeping the Townsville community active and healthy.

Aside from Podiatry, Hayley also has other passions - local, global and environmental. Foundation Podiatry is now the vehicle for Hayley to give back and achieve her goals.

Foundation Podiatry proudly supports the following organisations:

Sandra Jones Centre

The SJC is a home for orphans, abandoned babies and children in crisis in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The SJC has its own clinic, preschool, school and training centre. Having seen the poverty whilst travelling through Bulawayo and met Australian-born founder of SJC; Hayley feels a great desire to support this not-for-profit organisation and has done since 2010. If you would like to learn more, please visit:

Yoga Tools for Schools Inc

Yoga Tools For Schools Inc is a not-for-profit initiative founded by a group of local yoga teachers, school teachers & parents passionate about empowering young people to make healthy positive choices. YTFS programs are having a very positive effect in our Townsville schools. Inspiring a similar holistic ethos to our clinic, we are excited to come on board as platinum sponsors of YTFS. Many wonderful local people donate their time to support YTFS to help our local children and adolescents - something we at Foundation Podiatry are very proud of.

Shoes for Planet Earth

Shoes for Planet Earth is a Sydney-based non-profit organisation started by people who love to run and want to give something back. Working together with local and international communities and companies they provide recycled running shoes to those in need here at home and around the world. Their aim is to help mankind by improving his well-being whilst minimising his consumption of non-renewable earth resources - and facilitating the ‘feel good’ intangible benefits of giving and receiving.

Shoes play such an important role in everyone’s lives – can you imagine not owning a pair? Many people have nothing to keep their feet warm and clean - we can all do our little bit to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

We are a collection point for Shoes For Planet Earth! Please help us by delivering your pre-loved shoes to Foundation Podiatry Townsville so that we ca re-home them to people in need around Townsville and indigineous communities close by. 

Red Cross Australia

Foundation Podiatry Townsville is proud to be a Humanitarian Champion of Australian Red Cross which help the most vulnerable people around Australia and our region. The Red Cross focus on reducing loneliness particularly amongst the elderly, reducing homelessness in Australia (a staggering 105 000 people are homeless in Australia) and minimising the devastating impact of disasters.

North Queensland Conservation Council

NQCC is the voice for the environment in the North. “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed” – Mahatma Gandhi. As an environmentally conscious clinic and the environment being Hayley’s top concern we are proud to support the NQCC.

Share the Dignity

Share the Dignity is an Australia-wide initiative to support women troubled by homelessness, poverty, unemployment and domestic violence.  As a team of women ourselves, we were shocked and saddened to learn the high rates of homelessness and domestic violence amongst women in Townsville. For these vulnerable and at risk women, each monthly period can be a shameful and traumatic experience. We believe that sanitary items should be a right NOT a privilege!

During the months of April and August Foundation Podiatry is a ‘Share the Dignity’ collection point for sanitary items, which are then delivered to Townsville Women’s Shelters. Click here to learn more about Share the Dignity and how you may be able to help out.

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