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Adults Conditions

Adults Conditions

Foot pain, ankle pain and leg pain can be very frustrating. As your feet and legs carry you around all day – they are extremely important!

Our Podiatrists solely provide Biomechanical/ Musculoskeletal Podiatry and are continually upskilling in this complex area.

We provide varied treatment for Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) depending on your individual presentation. We commonly treat Achilles tendon pain and heel spurs. We understand the intricacies of forefoot pain, effectively treat midfoot arthritis and ankle pain, but also shin splints, calf pain, knee, hip and postural issues.

Our Townsville Podiatrists, Hayley Paterson, Chris Weber & Emma Phelps, are experienced in working with patients who are in chronic pain and understand the psycho-social impact pain can have on your general wellbeing. We can refer for bulk-billed medical imaging where necessary, will communicate with your GP and have a great network of trusted Townsville Allied Health colleagues to refer to if needed.


At Foundation Podiatry our Biomechanical Podiatrists both have a combined 45 years' experience and are trained to diagnose and effectively treat complex foot, ankle and lower limb complaints.

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