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Heel Pain - How Stretching, Mobility and Strengthening can help you

23rd August 2022

Heel Pain - How Stretching, Mobility and Strengthening can help you

I’m sure many of you are aware how frustrating and uncomfortable plantar heel pain can be. It is one of the most common foot conditions we see here at Foundation Podiatry.

Did you know that the faster you seek treatment, the better your outcomes tend to be?! 

Delaying treatment for heel pain can result in:

  • Longer healing times
  • Greater involvement of other structures
  • Poor mental health effects

One of the treatment strategies at Foundation Podiatry that we can implement in all stages of management is stretching, mobility and strengthening exercises.

Exercises for heel pain may include:

  • Ankle mobilisation
  • Calf stretches
  • Trigger ball or foam roller to get into any tight areas
  • Strength based activities to help build resilience and load tolerance

To make sure we are selecting the right exercises for you its important that a thorough initial assessment is undertaken. During this assessment we are looking for any muscle tightness, mobility issues or weaknesses that may be contributing to increased load through the plantar fascia. This allows us to individualise your treatment plan to give you the best possible chance of recovery!

By Emma Phelps | Biomechanical Podiatrist


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