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Running & Sports Podiatry

Running & Sports Podiatry

Biomechanical Podiatry in general terms involves the diagnosis and treatment of all lower limb and foot injuries, regardless of age, gender or activity.

Running & Sports Podiatry however focuses on:

  • The treatment of foot and lower limb acute & overuse injuries
  • Improving mechanical performance to minimise injury
  • Improving mechanical performance to maximise efficiency

Most people have no idea whether or not they are running or functioning correctly, however when an injury occurs they know they must do something about it. After a thorough posture, balance, movement and gait assessment at Foundation Podiatry Townsville we can quickly determine whether your foot and leg alignment and stability is sufficient for performing your particular activity. 

Most runners and sportspeople only seek treatment once an injury occurs. However points 2 & 3 above are equally important:

  • Improve mechanical performance to minimise the risk of injury – for example improve your running technique, strength, co-ordination and proprioception to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Improve mechanical performance to maximise efficiency – for example a mechanically correct soccer player will be more efficient and use less unnecessary muscle activity then a mechanically incorrect player, so will therefore have greater speed, endurance and agility and have less fatigue during a game.


Keen to enhance your sporting performance and reduce your risk of injury? Want to improve your running gait? Give Foundation Podiatry Townsville a call today!

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