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Shoes for Planet Earth

24th March 2023

Shoes for Planet Earth

Here at Foundation Podiatry we love to do our bit for the planet.

So we are continually stepping up our collection of used sports shoes! Why not give your runners a second lease of life instead of just sending them to the tip?

We often like to remind you of why we recommend replacing your footwear regularly, especially if you're a runner. But that doesn't mean you need to chuck out the old ones - even if they aren't giving you the optimal support any more, they might still have some life in them. Through the wonderful organisation Shoes for Planet Earth  we are affiliated with two local organisations who pass on pre-loved sports shoes to those in need. Both Townsville Flexible Learning Centre and Townsville Women's Shelter have been so appreciative of our past donations.

We are collecting joggers all year round. So if you're in a position to treat yourself to a new pair of joggers just drop the old ones off to our clinic and we will make sure they go to a good home. 

Some basic guidelines for your donations:

  • SPORTS SHOES only please.

  • NO HOLES AND GOOD SOLES. We want to donate shoes that will last.

  • CLEAN! They can be hand scrubbed or washed on a short cold cycle in the washing machine. Best dried in the sun stuffed with newspaper – no tumble trying please as it destroys the shoe.

  • TIED TOGETHER in matching pairs so they are easy to keep together.

  • SHOE LACES & INNER SOLES – yes please.

  • THANK YOU for helping us to change the world one pair of shoes at a time!