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Let's be BAREFOOT!!

26th July 2017

Let's be BAREFOOT!!

Take a moment to watch a pre-school aged child run, jump and play without fear.

Notice how nimble and light they are on their feet? Rocks or rough terrain does not slow them down, that is of course, until they go to school and we put shoes on their feet.

Our feet are AMAZING!
They are designed to feel, cushion and spring our way through life. Wearing big clumpy shoes on our feet all day long denies our feet the opportunity to work to their true potential.

In the video below, Hayley shares some insight into the many benefits of spending time barefoot – especially on natural surfaces:

  • We humans are supposed to be barefoot!
  • Most modern shoes are EVIL – they make our feet stiff, weak and lazy.
  • Unique plantar proprioceptors are found on the bottom of our feet – they constantly talk to us – tell us what surface we are walking on etc. But they also sense VIBRATION – which prepares our foot to work like a DYNAMIC SPRING.
  • Remember - our feet are the only contact we have with the ground. Each layer we add between our foot and the ground (shoes & socks) is interfering with this feedback.
  • Have you heard of Earthing or Grounding – which is spending time barefoot on natural surfaces??

We operate in a heavily shod society. Most of our time is spent on man-made surfaces such as concrete and tiles.

Let’s change this! 

Are you prepared to take on Hayley’s challenge??