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My mum has bunions, does that mean I will also get them?

14th July 2015

My mum has bunions, does that mean I will also get them?

Bunions occur more commonly in females than males and sometimes do run in families. We are at the mercy of our genes, so the same forces that caused your mother or father’s bunions are possibly at work for you too. It is important to note however – the bunion itself is not inherited – but the foot structure that causes the bunion to develop may get passed down!

There are many factors that cause bunions to develop: your foot posture, shape of metatarsal bones and intrinsic muscle strength. There are also external factors which may cause bunions to develop more rapidly such as high heel or pointy-toe footwear and certain occupations.

Our Podiatrist’s at Foundation Podiatry are highly trained to assess your foot posture and recommend appropriate treatment to avoid or delay the development of bunions, ideally avoiding the need for surgery.

So just because your mum has bunions… this does not necessarily mean that you will also develop bunions!

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