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We Provide Personalised Treatment Options for Foot Pain in Townsville

14th February 2020

We Provide Personalised Treatment Options for Foot Pain in Townsville

Foundation Podiatry is a locally owned and operated clinic which has been managing foot, ankle and leg pain for the people of Townsville for 13 years now.

Our Townsville Podiatrists - Hayley Paterson and Chris Weber - both have 15 + years of experience working in the field of Biomechanical Podiatry and dealing with foot and lower limb pain.

We pride ourselves on offering a unique, personalised approach to treatment. We understand that every person and every presenting condition needs to be treated differently to achieve the best outcomes, and we take the time to do this.

When you’re suffering from ongoing foot pain, ankle pain and/or leg pain it can have an impact on every aspect of your life. Daily tasks become more difficult, exercise often goes out the window and your patience, mood and general well-being are affected.

I hear all too often in my Townsville Podiatry clinic “I didn’t realise how important my feet were until they started causing me pain and impacting my life.”

Below is an example of the common foot and lower limb conditions we treat on a daily basis at Foundation Podiatry Townsville:

Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciopathy)
Achilles tendinopathy
Myriad of forefoot pain
Posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction (adult flat foot)
Ankle pain, instability
Shin pain
Leg pain/ knee pain
Women’s Foot Health
Chronic pain & Arthritis

Click here for more detailed information on these conditions.

If you find yourself suffering from foot pain in the Townsville area and are sick and tired off it impacting every aspect of your life, get in touch with our locally owned & operated clinic today, we would love to help you out!