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Posture, Balance & Gait Assessment

At Foundation Podiatry we focus on ensuring each patient understands how their complaint has developed and how the proposed treatment plan is going to assist them.

Using state of the art force platforms synchronised with digital video cameras, our Podiatrist’s are able to provide an accurate clinical analysis of your posture, balance and gait. This information may be used to gather or confirm a diagnosis, or it may be used to monitor your treatment progress.

During your static and dynamic assessment using our ‘Footpoint’ technology, certain information can be detected that may not be possible without this technology, such as: abnormally high pressure areas on feet, compensation patterns causing shift of weight to one side, leg length discrepancy etc.

Using this measured, holistic evaluation in a visual manner enables patients to actually see their own foot function, posture and walking pattern and how this may be contributing to their complaint.

Posture, Balance & Gait Assessment - What to Expect


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