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Running Gait Assessment

Running is a wonderful way to keep fit, set personal goals and to get outside of the 4 walls we’re often trapped inside.

Running is becoming increasingly more popular, especially amongst middle-aged women. In Townsville we’ve experienced a huge attraction towards trail running and adventurethons.

Whilst running has numerous health benefits, it is also associated with a very high rate of injury. In a 12 month period, 70% of runners will succumb to a running injury which will put them out for a period of time. And quite ironically, the weakest part of a runner’s body is often their feet!

Common over-use injuries seen in runners which can be avoided:

Running Gait Assessment – What to Expect


At Foundation Podiatry we offer both experienced and novice runners a detailed Running Gait Assessment, which involves:

  • Medical and exercise history taking
  • Comprehensive Biomechanical Assessment
  • Footwear assessment and recommendations
  • Running gait assessment on force-plate treadmill with dual high-speed cameras
  • Mobility, proprioception and strength exercises
  • Running technique tips

The primary goal of our Running Gait Assessment is to identify any potential biomechanical weakness or imbalances which may increase your risk of injury. From there we can focus on improving your running efficiency which will allow you to train and compete at your very best.

What is also important to consider is what we do for the other 23 hours a day when we are not running. This has a massive impact on our running gait and efficiency (for example our footwear, occupation and our sitting, standing and walking posture).

We work with you to ensure your running ‘down time’ is also positively contributing to your performance. Purely focusing on running technique and running shoes, and disregarding what we do for the other 23 hours a day will only produce limited results.

Call our friendly team on 4775 1760 now for a detailed Running Gait Assessment if you:

  • Love your running!
  • Want to learn how to run faster and further
  • Want to avoid those sole-destroying running injuries
  • New to running and want to learn more
  • Not sure which runners to buy
  • Already (unfortunately) have a running injury

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